For now, I am signed up to teach CS160A in FA2020 on Chinatown Campus. Read more about notes and summer preparation plans here

Welcome to Introduction to Computer Science SP2020

Lots of changes in preparation and response to Corona Virus! In short, face-to-face classes on Canvas will be held primarily online for the month of March. Spring break is moved up one week as well so please stay tuned to syllabus changes

4/22/20 Update: Class online via Zoom until the end of semester.

Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:20pm at City College San Francisco

CRN32577 CS110A Section 541, 808 Kearny St. Room 1202 on Chinatown Campus

5/18/20 Update: Final Exam and plans for Summer/Fall 2020 announced today

Make sure to check the Free City College Program as tuition is very reasonable if you are a San Francisco resident.

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Building a Raspberry Pi Media Server

The DIY Build-Your-Own Raspberry Pi Media Server curriculum was built in parallel to motivate the Introduction to Shell Scripting and Linux Systems course. The motivation is to build an at-home server that may be used to host, organize and create a custom retrieval system.