I am teaching CS160A: Introduction to Linux Shell Scripting this Fall

Due to CoronaVirus, this class will be taught online using Zoom and Canvas (for homework assignments)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:10pm-8:00pm at City College San Francisco

Make sure to check the Free City College Program as tuition is very reasonable if you are a San Francisco resident.

Helpful Links

Building a Raspberry Pi Media Server

The DIY Build-Your-Own Raspberry Pi Media Server curriculum was built in parallel to motivate the Introduction to Shell Scripting and Linux Systems course. The motivation is to build an at-home server that may be used to host, organize and create a custom retrieval system. For all sorts of educational experiences related to the raspberry Pi, check the Official Site and/or follow along here.

You can find CS110A material from Spring 2020 here

You can find CS160A material from Spring 2018 here